April 2021

“The first time we spoke to Carole, there was a passion and love that we heard in her voice as she described the magic of the placenta and embryonic sack. Instantaneously, we knew she had to be our midwife. Months later with baby in hand we couldn’t be happier with our decision. That passion and love we heard on the phone was with us each step of the way. Carole guided us with ease through the delayed turning of our baby and the shifting of her off my pelvic bone. There wasn’t a more settling voice to hear as I called her in the early early morning as I let her know my water broke. Carole assisted us through a long labor and the hard decision to transfer from a home birth to a hospital so we could have a natural birth. These transitions became easier as we fully trusted Carole and her guidance. We couldn’t be happier that Carole Shipman was the one to welcome our little girl into the world.”
-Chelsea & Family

November 2020

 “You Carole,
know the reins.
Midwifery flows
in your veins.
You wear a glove
of gentle love.
Know you are
a cut above.
Your intellect
and respect
will create
a ripple effect.
State of the art equipment?
I’d rather
Carole Shipman!”
-T. Friedman

January 2020

 “Brilliant and perceptive.
Understanding of the human
mind. Modest and unassuming,
magically combined.
State of the art equipment?
We’ve got,
Carole Shpman!”
-Y. & T. Friedman

July 2019

 “It’s been nearly a year since Carole helped bring my beautiful healthy baby boy into my arms. Still a year later I feel so much gratitude to be able to have someone like Carole guiding me throughout my pregnancy. To decide to deliver your baby with limited medical interventions can be a scary decision to make, but Carole gave me the assurance that if that was what I wanted, she would do whatever she could to get me there. At the same time, she helped me understand that if medical interventions were necessary there was nothing wrong with that either. Her and my doula Loanna together were a birthing dream team! Thank you Carole for your encouragement, care, and gentle heart, you’ll always have a special place in our hearts.”
-L.A. & Family

June 2019

 “Carole Shipman is an absolutely amazing woman. She is extremely dedicated to her job. You can tell she loves what she does. She is compassionate and professional; she really builds a relationship with her clients and a sense of trust. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a memorable birthing experience and excellent women’s wellness services as well.Thank you for all that you do!”

June 2019

 “Carole has exactly that, a gentle heart.  I am so very happy to have found someone who not only listens to me but gave me time to ask all the questions and worries that came to mind (which as a pregnant woman you have a lot!).  When things took a turn for the worse in my pregnancy she was so diligent and advised me on all that I could do.  She helped me have a voice.  She worked tirelessly, at all hours to help me through it all.  And when my time came for intervention she stayed with me even though she didn’t need to.  I could tell she cared about me and my baby’s well being.
Thank you Carole for your gentle heart and bringing a nurturing atmosphere to an otherwise fearful situation.”
-A.T. & Family

June 2019

“Carole is not only an amazing medical professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience, she is an expert at empowering the mother. It was such an incredible experience having Carole as our midwife. She took the time to walk us through every question and concern. She was always available to talk me through ALL of my worries as a first time mother. She is calm, patient, kind, and wise. Her staff is also incredibly helpful! I cannot recommend her enough.”
-Casey U.

May 2018

Thank you for your amazing care and a wonderful birth experience, despite the unplanned challenges. Having such a warm, kind, and compassionate midwife at my birth made all the difference!
All our love and thanks,
Eli, Batsheva, & Baby Ryan

May 2018

I am so grateful for the wonderful care I received from Carole! She is gentle and compassionate, and passionate about what she does. I always felt like she cared about me personally. Not only is she excellent at personal care, Carole is also a competent medical professional. When I had unforeseen medical complications during my birth, Carole knew exactly what to do while managing to keep me from being anxious. While I am delighted pregnancy is over and I finally have my baby boy, I find I am sad that I won’t be visiting with Carole once a month anymore.

January 2018

“Carole attended 3 of my births. There are no words to explain how amazing she is. Her warm, caring, and understanding personality gave me the comfort and reassurance to know that I was under great care. She is really amazing. I’m glad she was part of this beautiful time.”
-D.S. in Monsey, NY

December 2017

Thank you for everything you did for us during our pregnancy & delivery with Paul! We are incredibly grateful for your kindness, compassion, and care during a special (and sometimes trying) time for me and our family. You went above and beyond! We pray this finds you well. Thank you again for everything!!!
-Shannon, Matt, William, Lydia, and Paul


October 2017


“Ms. Carole was the best experience I could have during this pregnancy. She explained every detail of every step I needed. She stayed calm, collective, and was always there when I called, answering question after question. Ms. Carole took away any anxiety that I felt in the beginning. I know for a fact that when I have another child, it will be our family’s honor to have her deliver my future daughter or son. She is the perfect blend of professionalism and love. You never feel like a number in her care. I would recommend Ms. Carole to anyone at any time.”


October 2017

“Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support throughout our pregnancy and birth. You were just the person we were looking for and we are forever grateful to have you as part of Chelsea’s birth.”
Stephanie, Brett, Gavin, and Chelsea

Erica C. BSN, RN, CLC

“Carole is one of the most compassionate and competent midwives I know, and I am lucky to have her as my mother and midwife. Not only has she delivered my 4 children, 3 at home and 1 in the hospital, but I have had the pleasure of working alongside her at births in both the home and hospital setting. I have never felt more safe, respected, and advocated for, than when in my mother’s care.”
-Erica C.

Jayden – 1/17/2015

“I am so grateful to have had Carole deliver my son Jayden in March, 2011. It is really an amazing experience to have your brand new baby cuddled in your own nest.  Jayden is my 3rd child, 2nd home birth. My midwife, Carole, allowed me the feelings of safety and care so I could go through my own inward process without worry of unnecessary medical intervention of jarring disrupting. I was able to really stay present and flow with the birth process. I could go from hands and knees to squat and have Carole’s warm, knowing hands assist me.
I felt tended to, support in my inward process, and even treated to a back rub in just the right places to soothe and ease my labor pains. My 1st baby was a hospital birth and having both experiences, I can appreciate how amazing Carole is and how supported I was in her care from prenatal visits, right through to Jayden’s birth. My husband also liked how experienced and attentive Carole was to all the technical details of prenatal care, (including insurance), and preparations for birth. We are so thankful to have had Carole guide us through our son’s home birth. I would highly recommend Carole to anyone looking to experience home birth.”
Warmly & with gratitude,