Hillsdale New Jersey Maternity Care

My journey becoming a midwife began over 30 years ago when I was pregnant with my third daughter. There were many twists and turns along my path. I have been a registered nurse working in the maternal/child arena for 23 years. I have loved every minute that I have spent serving women and their families; to me there is no greater joy. Some of the most thrilling times were catching three of my grandchildren at home, what an honor that was. I have been married for 37 years; I have three grown daughters and 6 grandchildren. In addition to being a homebirth midwife, I mentor midwifery students and teach Ramapo college nursing students. As a midwife, I have worked in a free standing birthing center in Southern Texas bordering Mexico, a practice with a physician, a midwifery practice, and homebirth. I have also been to Sierra Leone, Africa working with faculty and students from Ramapo College. Best Hillsdale New Jersey Maternity Care.

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Hillsdale New Jersey Maternity Care




Hillsdale New Jersey Maternity Care

Has the capacity of providing comprehensive care to women throughout their lifespan. She is qualified to offer care preconception, during pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum, and beyond. As well as, newborn care in the early postpartum period. Quality care is provided by forming a trusting relationship with clients.

Bergen Community College – AAS Nursing
Ramapo College – BSN
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – CNM & MSN


Hillsdale New Jersey Maternity Care




Homebirth offers the birthing family the opportunity to experience the miracle of birth in the comfort of their own home.   The midwife comes to the women when she is the most uncomfortable and vulnerable; and the midwife assimilates into the family environment.  With a hospital birth, the woman is asked to adapt to the hospital environment which sometimes may adversely affect the labor and birth process.

The water offers comfort to the laboring/birthing woman.  The water helps reduce stress hormones; thus decreasing pain.  It softens the tissues involved in the process of birth.   The baby’s wellbeing can be assessed while the mom is in the tub by using a waterproof Doppler.

Prenatal visits every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly thereafter until your baby is born.  The visits are done in the office with the exception of the 36 week visit which is done in the mom’s home.  The midwife is available by phone during your pregnancy and for 6 weeks postpartum.  The midwife attends your labor and birth with another midwife as her assistant.  The midwife will remain with you for usually up to 4 hours after the birth and return in 24 hours for a home postpartum visit.  Another home postpartum visit is done at 2 or 3 days.  The 6 weeks postpartum visit takes place in the office.



Hillsdale New Jersey Maternity Care




Hillsdale New Jersey Maternity Care

Pap tests, breast exams, blood work, urine and vaginal cultures, and contraceptive care are offered in the office.  As needed, midwife can prescribe medications and order mammograms and ultrasounds and other tests.

Prenatal education and postpartum support for breastfeeding are offered by the midwife.   If supplemental support is needed, a referral to a lactation consultant will be given.

Lamaze classes are being offered in the office on a rotation basis.  Hypnobirthing information is available in the office.  Referrals to other classes are available.

Hillsdale New Jersey Maternity Care




Hillsdale New Jersey Maternity Care

Some testimonials from past clients! 

“First of all, having a homebirth is one of the most empowering, life changing journeys a woman can experience.   I truly feel blessed to that I was able to bring both of our children into the world in the comfort and soothing environment of our home.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Carole and my homebirth experience.   I had the pleasure of meeting Carole’s daughter before I even knew I was pregnant. We shared birth stories and she mentioned that her mother was a homebirth midwife. I hoped I would be contacting her in the near future as my first child was a homebirth out of state and my second child would be born in New Jersey. Within weeks I learned I was pregnant with baby number 2.  I contacted Carole and immediately felt at ease with her. We met many times over the next few months. I always felt comfortable and informed. I knew my baby and I were in good hands and she always respected my decisions.  It was so easy to talk to Carole both as a friend and as a guide through this special time for our growing family.
Hillsdale New Jersey Maternity Care
When I went into labor in the middle of the night Carole arrived in no time. Before I knew it she was by my side, prepping for the birth of my little girl.  After birthing my little Aurora for a few hours Carole handed me a precious, baby girl. She spent a few hours caring for us and tidying up supplies etc. We had routine at home visits over the span of a few days.
All I can say is Carole is a truly amazing human being. She is extremely dedicated, honest, caring and supportive.  Carole – I thank you for all you did for our family and for sharing in a magical experience.”